Private calendar appointments visibles to users with read-only rights
Problem reported by Sergio Blotti - 1/7/2016 at 5:06 PM
Hi all,
i have a problem on a  Smarter Mail Enterprise Server version 14.4.5801
On the web interface, i share my calendar to other users.
Until now, all is ok, if i choose Availability-only i can see only the busy time without the description of the appointement, in all views, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
When i Set permission to read-only on the Weekly and Monthly view i see private appointements "Busy time", but in the Daily view, i see the subject of the appointement. If i go over with mouse i can read the object set to "Busy time" but on the calendar i can view appointement like full control rights.
When i set Full control i can do all and read all
I have a problem too with calendars sync to outlook 2016 (I have tryed Outlook 2013 too with the sames results)  added with the "Add to oultook" from web interface procedure.
With read-only rights, I see all appointments, privates and not, in any view.
Anyone can help me?
Best regards and sorry for my bad english.

Sergio Blotti

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