Can't sync Contact Photos with iPhone & EAS
Problem reported by kevind - 1/7/2016 at 1:28 PM
Using an iPhone6 with ActiveSync mailbox, often contact photos do not sync.
  1. Add a new contact on iPhone and include a photo.
  2. Go into webmail -- contact is there, but no photo.
After several tests, it appears to be related to the size/resolution of the photo. When I use the front-facing (selfie) camera with lower resolution, it works pretty reliably. Take a pic with the regular camera and a busy background and it fails.
Not sure if it's related, but the iPhone allows you to select a portion of the pic with a circle. When it syncs to SmarterMail, it takes the whole picture, not just the circled section.

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kevind Replied
This photo sync problem is still occurring with the latest versions of SM (15.3.6095) and iOS (10.0.1). Hoping ST can take a look at it. Thanks!
kevind Replied
I haven't tested with 15.3.6109, but didn't see any fixes in the release notes. Can someone try to duplicate and confirm it as a problem? Thanks.

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