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Question asked by Sze Huai Siow - 12/22/2015 at 8:12 PM
I am not sure if this had been asked before but I am just wondering if there are anyway we can access to user mailbox index via some sort of API/Web Services.
I tried the web services available currently but nothing of that sort come out.
The reason why am I asking this is because I am trying to develop some web site that allow user to search for their mailbox without using webmail/outlook. I tried using .Net IMAP client but it is proven to be very slow when it come to large mailbox. Just wonder if I can access to the index directly to yield faster result.

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Merle Wait Replied
We have tried using a regular API call from various processes....
What we have found is:
a.) You still have to read through all the headers (not getting the full text, just headers)...
     *IF* this is a large folder... it is still time consuming...
    True, you can parse through the headers as desired.. while reading them... but then what???
     If you have the header, then you either have to point back or in some method; get to the actual
    email - if the user is wanting them to read.
b.) We have (and do ) an automated "dump" into a database via our own coding... and regular
     SMTP/Pop3/IMAP routines...   We then store those into various fields for searching.
     We then wrote our display - to put in an email format.. so they are not using webmail.
     Problem there is, if they want to respond and/or handle it in some way.
So there are lots of ways to do what you desire... what you want to do with the results afterwards, is where the fun comes in.
Tim Uzzanti Replied
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Although we have a TON of API's available, the indexed data is not exposed at the moment.  As we build out the new interfaces for all our products in preparation for our mid 2016 releases... there will be MANY more API's available!
We use Lucene for the data under each user.  You could access it directly but be careful!
Tim Uzzanti
SmarterTools Inc.
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