How do I get back to the top-level domain management panel?
Question asked by Daemach Laratin - December 22, 2015 at 2:22 PM
I've installed smartermail as an IIS website.  When I log in as administrator, I see the user-level bar on the left side - the one that allows you to create a new email, contact, etc.  How do I get back to the top-level admin panel that allows me to manage domains (system administration interface)???
It would be ENORMOUSLY useful to add links for important functionality in obvious places - the help menu, for example, or the dropdown where I can sign out.  

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Instead of logging in as "administrator", you will need to login as "admin". That will take you to the server admin panel.
We need to have an email account named admin@ that is not monitored by the system administrator.  That's why I named the system admin account "administrator".  Administrator even shows up in the user account list as the primary administrator....  Screenshot:
Surely you're not suggesting that the only way to get to the system administration panel is that the primary administrator account must be named "admin"...  There has to be a link or some other way...right?
IIRC, during the setup process you are prompted to enter a System Administrator login. This login does not login to any domain on the server, but to the server admin area. In my case, I named my server admin account "admin" and then my domain administrator is named
Were you not given an opportunity to create the server admin account? If you least in my case....I simply log off of the domain administrator account and then log to the system (server) admin account. I have not seen a way (or a link) to get from the domain administrator account directly to the server admin, but you can go the other way. If you first logon to the server admin account, you can then click Domains, click on the domain you want to manage, then click the Manage button. The domain admin account will then open in a new tab in your browser, so both will be available at the same time.
Hope this isn't confusing....
Daemach, when you log in as your "admin" account you are using the full domain too yes ? ""
When you log in as your "administrator" just use "administrator" no domain. - Providing technology services to non profit organizations, homeless shelters, clean and sober houses and prisoner reentry programs. To date we have given away over 1,000 free computers.

I set up the system administrator user during the setup wizard - it asked for a name so I chose "administrator", because we want a separate email account named "admin".  That account is listed as the primary administrator for the server:
When I log in using "" I get the standard user interface.
When I log in using "administrator", with no domain, I also get the standard user interface:
Your second screenshot is revealing that both "admin" and "administrator" are domain accounts. The system administrator will not show up in that list of least it does not on mine.
Are you positive that there is not another administrative account that was configured during the setup process? There really should have been, prior to even setting up a domain on SmarterMail.
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Hey Daemach,
Based on your screenshots, it looks like you're logging in with the Domain Admin account. Try following the steps here to Reset the Administrator Username and Password. Let me know if this is successful.
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