automation of sharing a resource for all users
Question asked by Jean-Guy Dubois - December 16, 2015 at 8:07 AM
I set a domain wide calendar with automatic mapping.
So this calendar appears for all users but as detached.
Is it possible to propagate an automatic attachement ?
Thank you.

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Jean and Kevin, what version are you using ?
We have Version 14.4.5801
When you say you set it to auto map, you are referring to in the "domain settings>shared resources" then clicking on a calendar hit "edit>add permissions" yes ?
Just in case, FYI, you have to hold CTRL and select multiple user accounts and assign permissions. and then the "automatic mapping" will take effect for those selected users.
On ours the next time the user logs in, the domain calendar is automatically attached to the users account. If you switch to the calendar view and then click on "calendars" (above "New" and "Actions") you can see the calendar attached and displayed.
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