Deleting a folder via webmail performs a hard delete
Idea shared by Nathan - 11/10/2015 at 5:19 AM
If you delete a folder via Webmail that contains emails the folder / emails are not placed in the 'Deleted Items'. This feels like a bug as it should move the folder structure/emails into the deleted items.
This is with SmarterMail 14.2 although thinking back I think it has been present in all previous versions.
Can anyone else confirm they experience the same?
(Edit - thanks Brian!)

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This is the current, expected behaviour and is why the nag/confirm tells you, it is permanent and cannot be un-done.
Thanks Brian, perhaps I should say 'feature' rather than bug :-) Although it does warn it seems counter-intuitive behaviour when we have the 'Deleted Items' folder and the user is not specifically performing a hard-delete.
I have changed the thread from a 'problem' to 'proposed' so hopefully it will receive some consideration from SmarterTools.

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