upgrade to 14.4.5784 IMAP folders not re-syncing
Problem reported by digital.iway - November 3, 2015 at 10:34 AM
I upgraded to 14.4.5784 this morning from the previous minor build and now mail in IMAP folders are not all syncing when using outlook 365. 
Inbox is fine, but I have a folder outside of the inbox with many sub folders and only a few of those sub folders are re-syncing mail.
The re-sync of all IMAP users is also bringing the server down off and on.
is anybody else having this issue?  how can I force a specific folder to re-sync mail?

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We updated last night and are having difficult syncing with Outlook 2016.  Outlook shows as non-responding during the sync process and has to be repeatedly restarted.   We are not able to complete an email to send before the non-responding behavior occurs.
after a full 12 hours the server load has reduced, but I still have IMAP clients that have no mail in their sub folders, but the mail is on the server showing in their webmail.  This is serious and ST should at least address this thread.
I would also like to have an explanation of why the server needs to re-sync my users? is this a compliance standard or a performance reason? The release notes state the below? 
"UID validity values of 0 are no longer used when syncing with IMAP as required by the IMAP RFC This will cause all folders synced with IMAP that had a UID validity value of 0 to re-sync all messages, resulting in a large spike in bandwidth usage for a short time after installation"
See the following thread (posted not long ago by ST)...

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