Lock Down Port 25
Question asked by ScottF - 11/2/2015 at 9:36 AM
Is there a way to configure SmarterMail so local accounts can only send / authenticate off the submission port, 587? We would like to prevent accounts from authenticating and sending off port 25.

I know one way would be to take the primary server out of DNS (remove MX record) and have messages pass through a gateway or gateways. We might do this at some point but we are not ready to take our primary server out of DNS.

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Paul Blank Replied
I am thinking that you should be able to do this in the Bindings settings, if the local accounts are using a different IP address to access the SM server than the IP address used for SM accesss to/from the Internet. You can also, I suppose, accomplish this through a firewall rule, if you have a firewall between the local LAN and the SM server.

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