Email header says delivered at one time and SM says another time
Question asked by Tina Cline - 10/27/2015 at 6:30 AM
This one has me scratching my head and hoping someone has seen this before and may have an answer.  Domain XXX.com on the server, and customer sent an email to 3 people all on the XXX.com domain.  (All Internal email)  2 people received the email and it was marked as the sent/received time of 9:41am in their SM Inbox.  The 3rd person did not see it show up in her SM inbox until 5:46pm and SM Inbox has labeled it as 5:46pm.  The header of the email says it was sent at 9:41am and SM processed the email at that time.
SM logs says it was sent and delivered at 9:41am.  
The 3rd person appears to have the correct time zone.  The time difference is not even a round hour amount, so I cannot see it being a time zone setting??
Any ideas?

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