Spool Deliveries not being removed
Problem reported by Dominick Meccarielli - October 19, 2015 at 6:49 AM
Windows 2008R2, latest updates with SmarterMail Version - 14.3.5752
I just started to experience this issue the last several days with no apparent configuration changes. Emails will be delivered and they show as delivered in the Spool but they are not removed form the Spool. This then "clogs" up other deliveries and causes extended delivery delays for mail not delivered. If I delete the delivered mail everything starts moving along as normal again. I am not 100% sure but one of the triggers for this may be users emailing more than one recipient in an email.

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You can right click the message in tge queue, then click on recipients, and see who's delivery is being delayed, and why.
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The emails that have been delivered say "Delivered" but never leave the spool. The emails that have not been delivered yet say "Pending". 

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