enhanced-logging-for-iis not being trapped in smarterstats
Question asked by Deepak Kaushal - 10/14/2015 at 12:53 AM

One of our customer has taken DDos support and this caused real IP of customer not being logged in weblogs, for that below logging option were enabled in IIS and DDos service provider .

Then we start seing the real IP under custom column which is done after adding column in IIS "Enhanced Logging"
iis. net/learn/get-started/whats-new-in-iis-85/enhanced-logging-for-iis85

Though this is not reflecting in smarterstats*.

* Changes done in Smarterstats : login to Website stats go to Settings --General Settings -- import filters - add -- import filter-- "Include a Host Header" from drop down and added column name "Real-IP" which is being added in weblogs after above IIS changes.

above changes stops showing any entry in reports as
filter is active, even old logs reports are not showing up.
We would like to replace "c-ip" in IIS logs with "Real-IP" only issue we can not do it in IIS logs or Smarterstats.
Thanks in advance

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Employee Replied
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Currently SmarterStats does not have an option to account for load balanced type of sites as you described.  That being said, this is something that is being reviewed and added into the next version of SmarterStats as it is becoming more common.
Ashish Pahuja Replied
Hello SmarterStats Team,

We are using version SmarterStats Enterprise Edition, Version 9.3.5409.

Can you confirm if the feature is now available? We would like to upgrade and renew our license.


Rich A Replied
We are looking to potentially purchase SmarterStats but want to ensure that when using W3C Extended Log Files we can map SmarterStats to the correct IP in the log files rather than a server IP in a load balanced environment. Please can you let me know if this is now possible. Thanks.

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