Outlook puzzlement.... User loses inbox
Question asked by Merle Wait - 10/13/2015 at 2:02 PM
Have a user that is screaming... because suddenly... about every other day.. he loses his "inbox".  The inbox then reloads from our server.   He swears that nothing has changed on his end.  I  **KNOW** nothing has changed on ours... I am just looking for any ideas.. as to why/how his inbox disappears.   I have never really heard of this happening; and do not see how it can be an SM issue.   We are running whatever the most current version SM 14.X  is.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
He is also using ActiveSync from his iPhone - which seems to be functioning just fine.

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Merle Wait Replied
Ok, so I did a WebEx with the client myself.. and saw first hand...   
His settings are:  Exchange ActiveSync service.
What happens is he loses his inbox.... then it slowly starts to reload.
When it is reloading....  it "loses"  connection for about 10 minutes, then starts again.
He is on Verizon FIOS - 50/50 up/down.
There is no issue of size of hard-drive.
There is probably about 3 years worth of emails (around 10 Gig) on our server.
How can i trouble shoot on my end......    
Matt Petty Replied
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In System Administrator go to Settings > Log Settings > Log Detail Levels > Active Sync.. Set that to detailed. Repeat your tests and the logs might give you some more information.
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Merle Wait Replied
So strange, goes to weird....
I have turned on activesync with details........   there were absolutely no log records written before this occurred:
[2015.10.20] dd>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]           <ServerId>7265</ServerId>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]           <ApplicationData>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <To xmlns="Email">"Lynzy XXX" &lt;lynzyf@XXX-XXXX.com&gt;</To>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <Cc xmlns="Email">johnt@XXXX-starlogistics.com, "Sharon Henson" &lt;s.henson@texasmoving.com&gt;</Cc>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <From xmlns="Email">"Bobby XXXX" &lt;b.XXXX@XXXXXmoving.com&gt;</From>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <Subject xmlns="Email">RE: XXXXX MD to Andover MA 677803</Subject>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <DateReceived xmlns="Email">2014-08-08T21:00:51.922Z</DateReceived>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <DisplayTo xmlns="Email">Lynzy XXXX</DisplayTo>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <ThreadTopic xmlns="Email">RE: GermXXXX MD to Andover MA 677803</ThreadTopic>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <Importance xmlns="Email">1</Importance>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <InternetCPID xmlns="Email">65001</InternetCPID>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <Read xmlns="Email">1</Read>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <LastVerbExecuted xmlns="Email2">0</LastVerbExecuted>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <ContentClass xmlns="Email">urn:content-classes:message</ContentClass>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <MessageClass xmlns="Email">IPM.Note</MessageClass>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             <Flag xmlns="Email">
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]               <Status>2</Status>
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]               <FlagType />
[2015.10.20] 12:47:42 [934487991]             </Flag>
I am using activesync on my phone as well... and know that I used this morning too... So I find it strange that there were no long entries (even at detail level) .. .until 12.47 (pm).    It was at this time, the user's inbox disappeared... and started all over again.
Hootan Roosta Replied
This issue is happening to us as well. Exchange ActiveSynch users' inboxes keep reloading here and there.
emails will disappear and then start reloading ...

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