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Idea shared by J Lee - October 6, 2015 at 10:29 AM
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I'm migrating a large inbox from GoDaddy WorkPlace and they have hundreds of folders all of them top level no sub folders.
1. I need to share these folders across 6 users.  After a test migration, If I make some of the folders, sub folder of the Inbox, when I share those folders as sub folder of Inbox, the mapped resource person sees those sub folder under Their Inbox Not the Inbox of the shared resources. 
The sub folders should be displayed as subfolders of the Shared Resource.
2. When sharing multiple email folders, there appears to be no way to organize the folders for the person mapping the resource.  Someone else said in previous versions of Smartermail the Shared folders where a different color. 
Idea 1 - Shared Mail folders/subfolders when displayed in the Mapped users account could be movable or the display order could have weights.  These folder could also be colored differently.  What happens now with a large amount of shared mail folders is kind of a mess.  Folders and Sub Folders are not connected, they are not in any order that I can see.
Idea 2 - There is a great feature in Contacts, when viewing a contact you can see all of the email history for that contact.  It would be great if this feature also worked with Shared Mail boxes.
Thank to anyone who reads this, let me know what you think.

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J Lee, we are in the process of redesigning the web interface.  I will bring your suggestion of differentiating the look of shared folders and how shared folders are organized and displayed within the folder tree to the development / design meeting for further discussion.
Robert Emmett
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Hi Robert, what was they outcome of these suggestions as I opted for enterprise version to be able to share email folders I am very disappointed that each sub folder has to be shared manually. a very labour intensive process

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