Installing SM on a new Server, What to expect when going from POP to IMAP?
Question asked by John Archer - 9/30/2015 at 8:56 AM
I am installing SM 14.2 on a new server. The old server had everyone using POP and Outlook which did not allow for full backup of emails if the desktops had issues. I want to use IMAP and allow mailboxes be accessed from desktops and or replicate between the desktop and the server. This should allow a recovery process in case the PC fails while allowing for local mail use if the server is down??? What should I expect for the old desktop with a local copy and the new server with IMAP? Can I sync the old POP Outlook DB back to the server? Should I expect 2 Outlook DB files on the desktop if it is a new desktop (never before using POP)?

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