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Idea shared by Sathivel Arjunan - 9/23/2015 at 10:07 AM

Hi all,

I've configured the SmarterMail WHMCs module in my WHMCs and tried to test buy a product. In WHMCs order page, its seen that the order is created and in server, I see the domain created in SmarterMail. However in IIS I see no binding created for the domain. 


So does the SmarterMail module supports IIS bindings or should I use any other modules for this ?


My goal is to provide Email hosting to my customers where when they purchase the product, WHMcs will auto-provision the domain and all in SmarterMail server connected in backend.


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Can any one advise on my issue ?
Matt Petty Replied
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I don't believe the SmarterMail module controls IIS. Are there any other addons that could give you this functionality?
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Unfortunately, unless something has changed with the SM module for WHMCS opting to use the module will only interact between WHMCS and SM... not IIS Domain Binding. In essence it means you have to manually create the domain... Which is a PITA! We decided to stay with WebsitePanel module within WHMCS so it is fully automated. It's an extra link that we shouldn't need but it works.

I tried with the SM module and it creates the domain in backend but not in IIS and so manual binding is needed.

If I try the WebsitePanel, how can I make it work with my setup ?
Yes, using the SM module in WHMCS we had to create the site manually in IIS so I can confirm that too.
To use WSP with WHMCS for SM:
Install WSP on the same Windows server
Add the SM configuration (admin user/password/IP address etc.) under servers
Add the WSP module into WHMCS
Configure the WSP module with your WSP server IP address etc.
Create email Hosting Plans (like products) within WSP
Create products using the WSP module within WHMCS
The above will allow full mailbox creation and administration, including suspensions etc. all from within WHMCS.
When setup it works well, however, it is another link in the chain that really shouldn't be needed IMO.
Hosting Controller does this very well.

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