Is there a way to change flag colors in SmarterMail?
Idea shared by Jim Vaden - 9/22/2015 at 7:01 AM
Under Consideration
Is there a way to change flag colors in SmarterMail so you can have different colors for either different tasks or different people?  Thanks!

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Jim, currently there is no way to customize the flag colors based on different tasks/people within the web interface.  I have added this to our features request list for further consideration by the dev. team.
A lot of people at my office, that use Exchange - Color Code Their emails. If their manage emails them it shows up in red. If an employee emails they have it show up in green, etc. It helps the organize and identify which emails take priority.
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also, it's very important for us
I have feedback from more of the users about this requirement they need to change flag color or have star sign (or anything) in different color to separate emails on inbox
for example red color for urgent emails
yellow for normal
green for reading later and that's can be categorized by users

it's very important to manage inbox
also a different problem in the smarter mail is this:
we cannot mark one email in 2 folders
for sample: I have email, from Jakob about London project I have to mark it in Jacob folder and London folder as well

it's impossible right now


it's important to user can categorize emails by their self on the same folder

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