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Idea shared by W. Troy Leaver - September 21, 2015 at 11:46 AM
Under Consideration
I would like to request some additional features for the WHMCS provisioning module:
1. Allow a numeric range configurable option that will allow us to let the client choose exactly how many mailboxes are needed. This should apply to order time and upgrade/downgrade time (although when downgrading you should check the number of existing mailboxes and prevent a client from downgrading below the number of mailboxes that exist on the domain.)
2. Coupled with #1, Add a "mailbox size" field to the WHMCS product. The number of mailboxes ordered * the mailbox size will be used for the domain's overall disk space.
3. Allow a numeric range configurable option to specify the number of ActiveSync mailboxes desired. This must be checked against the number of total mailboxes (#1) to ensure no more than the maximum number of existing mailboxes is ordered. Additionally if there are activesync enabled mailboxes on the domain already, the number submitted during upgrade/downgrade should not be allowed to go below the number of mailboxes with activesync enabled--the client needs to remove activesync from mailboxes to be at or below the number upgraded/downgraded to.
4. Support a drop down configurable option to enable archiving. The options would be None, Incoming only, Outgoing only, or Both incoming and outgoing. This may require a text field be added to the product to specify the archival path for the product as well.
These would allow clients to choose their own number of mailboxes and activesync "seats" as well as whether or not they want archiving.

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Remember: there's a whole lot more that goes into the mailbox size than the number of users and mailboxes. You have to allow for file storage; calendar items; tasks; contacts (especially since more recent versions of SmarterMail allow for the inclusion of the contact's picture in the contact data); and, if allowed, XMPP chat (the transcripts of which are auto-archived, unless that feature is disabled).
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I would also really like to see the above features to be added, this would be useful for many people. Everyone has a different requirement when it comes to mail accounts so creating multiple packages to suit would be impossible. Creating the accounts manually defeats the purpose of using WHMCS and this module.

I would like to see what the interest is on getting these features added. I have spoke to a WHMCS Developer who can apply these features but at a cost. To help cover the costs I will consider offers for this module.
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Our WHMCS modules will be getting some TLC here shortly. We will look considering your suggestions, Troy, when making these updates.
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Wow, This only took 2 and a half years to get considered and with only one vote. How about considering some of the Spam reduction ideas that have lots of votes.
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