People activity on SmarterTools portal community page
Question asked by Webio - 9/17/2015 at 10:32 PM
is it just me or maybe someone else has also noticed a lot less overal SmarterTools clients/users activity here? IMHO current community/portal page which replaced forums does not create that need to respond people like forum had (probably for number of reasons). Another thing which can confirm this trend is alexa page:
In only one year smartertools.com dropped from about 31k place to lets say 75k and in my opinion switching from previous forum software to current SmarterTools product community page had huge impact here. Believe it or not but having proper forum software with clean categories and subcategories in thread view (I still don't get it whay there is a response as a new position in thread versus comment - this is confusing) is A LOT more involving that current community page.
IMHO SmarterTrack Community page can be something used by various companies as a way to contact or support their clients but in more general way. When there is a need to have more categories (and subcategories) SmarterTrack is not very user friendly (of course IMHO).
This is just my 5cents because I see more and more (actually less and less) people involving here and I think SmarterTools should also see it in their stats and maybe income?

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