Inbound Gateway to MainServer via intranet
Question asked by Merle Wait - 9/14/2015 at 7:00 PM
What we have is:
Public IP. xxx.xxx.101.21  --> MX1 Inbound gateway
Public IP xxx/xxx.198.30 --> TheReal Eamil Server
Both the TheRealEmail server and the MX1  have access to common internal network:  192.168.50.X
The RealEmail server is on,   and the MX1 server is on
What it looks like is that the MX1 server takes the email (as one of the gateways... ) but rather then sending via the intranet 192.168.50.x  route, it sends back out to the public I/P to the RealEmailServer.
So we changed it the routing for outbound to:
  Routing--> Outgoing Gateway -->  (the RealEmailserver)
We want to keep the traffic internal, once the emails are "accepted" by the MX1 server, and send via 192.168.50.X to realEmailserver.
Is it just a matter of making the RealEmailServer as the outbound gateway for the MX1 server??
As I test this, the RealEmailServer tags this from MX1 ( unknown host 192.168.50.X).
There are zero settings that have been made on the RealEmailServer, acknowledging anything about MX1(at all.) 

 The MX1 has designated:
    routing-->IncomingGateway: DomainForward: I/P Address
Am testing this as write, but hearing the best practice approach, is desired.

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