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Question asked by Christian Schmit - 9/11/2015 at 3:31 AM
Setting up an additional smtp account in webmail to sent out emails over an external smtp server is working fine however when sending over this smtp account the "reply-to" address does not use the email address configured in the smtp account settings (from address uses the email configured in the smtp account settings).
I would expect the the "form" and "reply-to" email address would correspond to the email address I have configured in the smtp account settings.
Running Smartermail 14.2

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Ralf Mense Replied
try to leave the field Settings > My Settings > Account Settings > Reply-To Email Address blank.
Bruce Barnes Replied
While leaving the "reply to" address blank may have been OK in the past, large ISPs like YAHOO!, GMAIL, and OUTLOOK, are now actively vetting to make certain that the SENT FROM and REPLY TO e-mail addresses and domains match - exactly.
That is why we always set our user's accounts up with a REPLY TO e-mail address which is identical to the e-mail address built in SmarterMail, eg:
If I build a new user, on the domain name, "bar.com," and the user's name is 'foo", then the e-mail address is "foo@bar.com"
So, that would be the address I would put into the REPLY TO address field in the user configuration in SmarterMail.
So, after I've built the user in SmarterMail, this is what a typical user's configuration screen looks like:
Typical SmarterMail User's Configuration Screen
Typical SmarterMail User's Configuration Screen
Showing Reply-To E-Mail Address populated
with user's full e-mail address 
Note that our standard mailbox size is 15 gig.  Exchange licenses get 25 gig.
It would be nice if SmarterTools would consider this as a default for future versions of SmarterMail.
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