Windows / Mac Apps for the live chat
Idea shared by Yannick Guerdat - 9/7/2015 at 3:45 AM
I use the chat feature every day over our website and our customers are really happy with the platform. My issue is that we need to be over the webpage to see who is over our website. So it's difficult to make any kind of proactive chat discussion if we can't work on other tasks on the same time. It will be great to have an app that you can setup over your Windows or Mac computer so all is done more smoothly and make us more flexible to be multitasking. 
Like this chat product with a few apps : 
  • https://www.tawk.to/tawk-to-for-windows/ 
  • https://www.tawk.to/download-the-tawk-to-mac-osx/
  • https://www.tawk.to/features/android-app/
  • https://www.tawk.to/features/iphone-app/
What do you think does it make any sense ? 
Maybe SmartNotify already goes a little bit on this direction but it's only Windows Based ... 

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