Easy way to move domain to another drive
Question asked by kevind - 9/4/2015 at 8:47 AM
Looking for a less disruptive way to move a domain from drive C: to drive D:. There's a KB with the procedure, but it involves stopping the SmarterMail service:
If there are 1000 users on the server and the domain you're moving has only 10 users, it seems awkward to disrupt 990 users for 15 minutes while copying the data. Now I realize this can be done early in the AM and there are special copy utilities, etc.  But is there a way to?
  1. disable the domain (senders get a try again later)
  2. move the data
  3. update the location using web UI
  4. re-enable the domain
Thanks in advance for any ideas/suggestions,

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kevind Replied
Just following up as we have a 100+ domains to move and I'm looking for a trick.
When you Edit a domain, there's a checkbox to disable it, but then incoming mail is rejected. Also, Edit window shows the full path, but the field is disabled.
Any ideas for a way to suspend writing to the domain folder, move the folder, update path, and then un-suspend?
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Unfortunately, there is no easy way to accomplish this.  I would recommend that you (1) stop your service, (2) move the domains to the other drive, (3) update the domain paths in the domainList.xml file, and (4) restart your service.
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Kevin.  You might be able to accomplish this using RoboCopy.  You would want to run it twice, as on the 2nd run, it will only copy over data that has changed.  This KB will help.
kevind Replied
Rod, yes this is a good way to minimize the amount of downtime. Thanks!

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