How to open .eml attachment in SmarterMail
Question asked by Joe Burkhead - 9/3/2015 at 1:22 PM
One of my users received an email with 2 attachments, both were .eml files. When trying to open these attachments, the system wants to know how to open it (what program). We use the webmail interface, don't have Outlook or other email clients installed. Is there anyway to get SM to open these files? Yes, I know that they can be opened with NotePad, WordPad, Word, etc....but if the attachment itself contains an attachment, that attachment is not accessible through any of those programs. Anyone figured this out?

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Joe, open the file in Notepad, and make sure the To address is a local user on your SmarterMail installation.
Afterwards, copy and paste the .EML file into C:\SmarterMail\Spool\Drop
It will then be delivered to the inbox.
Joe Burkhead Replied
Thanks, Rod!
Joe Burkhead Replied
Rod, further info & questions....
While the procedure above works if the .eml was addressed to my user, in this case that was not what happened. The email received by my user had two attachments. Each attachment was an email that was sent to his home email account. They were attached as "items" by his wife at home using their Outlook client. So, the eml file does not have his local user address in it. Now, I don't know why the wife did it that way instead of just forwarding the email to him. But, that is what happened. So, my question is...if I open the attachment in Notepad and change the To address to his local SM account, then follow the procedure above, that will work?

Brian Ellwood Replied
The ideal way to handle this is for the web interface to detect if an attachment is an email and give you a "view" option that opens the email in a popup like a normal email would
This seems like it would be incredibly easy to implement
Is attachment dotType eml?
If yes, process attachment
Is attachment actually an email?
If yes, UI/UX show "view"
onclick, popup
this could be expanded to display PDF's in the browser if the users plugin allowed for it, etc
I know its one of those, if we do one, how far do we go, but:
-pdf preview
-attached eml
...would cover a good %95+ of it
Joe Burkhead Replied
I like your thinking, Brian. Excellent suggestions.
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Hi Joe. From what you've described, that should certainly work.

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