Report on Employee tickets?
Idea shared by Nathalie V - 9/1/2015 at 11:41 AM
This seems like such a basic feature but it seems to be lacking.
We're running SmarterTrack Enterprise 11.2
I'm trying to find a report to use to list all tickets a specific employee has worked on. There doesn't seem to be anything predefined, so I created a custom report "Employee Activity Overview" to see what kind of data that shows, but it doesn't show anything (it just hangs so I don't know if there's no data or if it's not generating a report. The tab is spinning like it's working but nothing ever happens)
What kind of reports or options are there currently to get some sort of performance or other data based on specific employees?

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So, there's no way to get a report on a specific employee's work?
No way to get a count of how many tickets each employee has handled?

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