When the event of Mailbox Usage it's fired?
Problem reported by CLEBER SAAD - 9/1/2015 at 6:38 AM
We use the SM 12.3 and in another server 11.7. In both versions when I use a mailbox space greather than 80% a message with mailbox usage information only it's send after 24 hours. I try to change to every 5 hours but the message only it's sent when I loggin to the webmail. The event it's configured to send a message every 5 hours and when > 80%
I try to make the same test with the latest version in a test domain and the result it's the same.
I try to find more information about this event in the smartermail documentation and I don't find nothing with details.
Anybody have the same problem or another information about this config?
Best Regards, Cleber

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