Smarter stats 4.0 sites are stuck at 'loading' status
Problem reported by Clive Hoggar - 8/31/2015 at 10:39 AM
I have reinstalled smarter stats 4.0 having moved some legacy website to a new server on asp.net 4.0
2 days ago I set up 2 new sites on smarter stats without any error messages but both sites are stuck at 'loading' .
Current state Running
Activity Loading
Status  Loading
I did manually move 6 months of W3SVC log files for one site from the old server to the new (both windows server 2008 R2 / iis7) so that might be slow but 2 days seems a bit long?
I followed the install procedure, stopped the internal web server, and set smarter stats up as a site in iis.
MRS folder has Network Service permission set to full control.
Have I missed something?
Can anyone help?

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