Browser on Mobile Device (Android) - functions such as MOVE, DELETE not working
Problem reported by Nathalie V - 8/25/2015 at 7:27 AM
Re: Smartermail Enterprise 12.3
I know there's a "mobile interface" but there's a limitation in that you cannot select more than one message at a time (to delete or move for example).
I don't see why Smartermail can't work as a regular web page in the non-mobile (desktop) version on Android. Using the "mobile version" shouldn't be an option, not a requirement.
I tested in Chrome or Firefox on the regular version (non-mobile), and the problem is that after selecting emails, if you click the menu to select MOVE for example, nothing happens.  I have disabled the pop-up blocker so it's not that.
This should work in the non-mobile version.  The mobile version has it's place but it shouldn't be that it's the only way to use Smartermail over the web.
Please fix the ability to move/delete messages from the non-mobile version on mobile devices. This used to work.
The issue occurred in the following:
Samsung Galaxy S10 Tablet (Android version 5.0.2)
Galaxy S4 phone.
Nexus 6 (lollypop)

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Nathalie, there was a fixed in the latest minor release of SM 14 that addresses this issue:
  • Fixed: Clicking menu items on touch devices using the primary webmail interface now functions correctly.
Nathalie V Replied
Thanks Robert

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