Limit receiving email for yahoo/gmail per domain
Question asked by TSSB Sdn Bhd - 8/21/2015 at 3:15 AM
I would like to ask is there any limit email receiving from Yahoo or Gmail per domain/IP.
Reason I ask is, some email to yahoo bounce back. Below is the reason from yahoo
Reason: Remote host said: 550 Sending to yahoo.com is not allowed
If I try to resend the next day, the email went through without any problem.
We once a month will send a large amount of email to our member (2000-2500).
Out of the number of member, we not sure how many account are yahoo account.
Our membership system will generate the email for all the member and import into outlook to send.
I afraid the number of yahoo email account exceeded the allow limit per day per domain which causing some email bounce back from yahoo.
I try to Google but all mention about sending limit and no info about receiving limit.
Many thanks.
Kok Wai

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Joe Wolf Replied
There's no way to rate limit to specific domains that I know of.  The problems you have are common... especially with AOL and Yahoo.  I rarely have any problems with gmail.   I've got a mail server being rate limited by outlook / hotmail right now (not SmarterMail, but an Exim server) and there's no logic behind it... luckily I can redirect messages from any server to another that isn't being limited.
I really think the big guys use rate limiting as a way to put pressure on the smaller guys.  They'll never rate limit each other, just the smaller volume servers (that probably have a much smaller spam percentage than the big guys put out).
If you ever find an answer to the problem let all of us know.  

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