Remote Service Auto Updater
Idea shared by Reto - 8/18/2015 at 1:42 PM
I would love the see a remote service auto update function. The services connect already to the SmarterStats server to get configuration data and they could also check the version. If a new version is available the remote service could download it from the SmarterStats server and install it without any user interaction.

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That would be fine, except that to do this:
  • for MINOR version upgrades, you would need to
    • stop the SmarterStats service,
    • stop IIS,
    • upgrade to the new minor release, and then
    • restart IIS.
  • For MAJOR version upgrades, you would need to generate a script which would
    • STOP  the SmarterStats service
    • STOP IIS
    • uninstall the old SmarterStats version
    • REBOOT the server on which it is installed - to unlock any locked files
    • install the new MAJOR VERSION - using any custom paths which were setup for the original install
    • STOP the SmarterStats web service and
    • start IIS.
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