Search / Advanced Search are not returning recent date hits
Problem reported by Gueipin Xi - 8/13/2015 at 1:30 PM
We are using SM V12.4. Multiple users have reported the same issue, and I've verified it happening on the Admin account as well.
When using the quick-search (at the top of the Inbox page), or the advanced search (it's own tab...), no results later than 8/4/15 are returned, regardless of search terms. I've tested with terms copy/pasted out of an email sent earlier today. When you just open the inbox, the email is there. When you apply the search filter, nothing after 8/4/15 is shown. 
 Unsure how to proceed. Anyone else run in to this?

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Merle Wait Replied
Had exact same issue just happen to me.
If necessary, I can upload images...
Received an email from Amazon (what else is new)....
I decided to search for all Amazon emails...  by putting in Amazon.
Results pulled up nothing.... blank
Merle Wait Replied
running SmarterMail Version - 14.4.5787

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