SmarterTrack - Where are the detailed email logs stored?
Question asked by Nathalie V - August 12, 2015 at 6:41 AM
We're noticing an issue where SmarterTrack 10.x  is not showing all inbound emails. For example, our monitoring system sends alerts to our Smartermail email address.

We see these alerts come into the mailbox, they are then auto-deleted when Smartermail POP's the email account, but a good portion of these alerts don't show up in any queues.
I checked the "Spool - Incoming" logs but they don't show up there (those logs mainly show bounce-backs or auto replies)
Where would I look to get more information about these missing emails?
Thank you

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Hi Nathalie. The logs for SmarterTrack are located in \Smartertrack\MRS\App_Data\Logs
Linda Pagillo
Mail's Best Friend
The logs at \Smartertrack\MRS\App_Data\Logs don't appear to be very detailed in terms of each message's handling.
The alerts that come in to SmarterTrack are not 100% identical, so I don't know if the "Enable duplicate email check" is even the actual issue, unless it's only looking at the sender email address.

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