Firefox Ignoring Settings and Actions
Problem reported by Curtis Kropar - July 23, 2015 at 1:59 PM
So, I am having a problem with firefox on one of our computers.  It is in essence ignoring almost everything i tell it to do with smartermail.  I had Firefox 28 on here, worked fine for a while. Yesterday, the fun started.(I switched over to internet explorer 8, and it works perfectly.)
With FF :
I went to switch to settings and add more email filters in. The far right panel changes, but the email box list never changed to the settings menu. click back and forth 5 times to email and settings, the email mailbox list never goes away. closing firefox and restarting completely, no change.
I tried logging out of email, clicked the email address and logout. nothing changes. it stays logged in. close and restart firefox, still logged in.
then i upgraded to the newest version of firefox. now on version 39, no difference. it ignores logout, it ignores the settings menu. close and restart, your still logged in. 
has anyone else seen this type of behavior before ? - Providing technology services to non profit organizations, homeless shelters, clean and sober houses and prisoner reentry programs. To date we have given away over 1,000 free computers.

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