Limiting mailbox size
Question asked by Steven Haskell - 7/23/2015 at 11:48 AM
I have a few domains setup within smartmail. . We use smartermail as a receiving mail server only. Is there a way I can limit mailbox sizes to 100MB for all users on a domain level? I am running SM13.2.5511

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Brian Ellwood Replied
Yes, you'd want to set the user default's under settings to 100MB and the propagate the change out to existing domains.
Steven Haskell Replied
I f look at the user default settings within the domain I do not see where I can set a limit. Or are you referring to domain defaults? then do a domain propagation?
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Brian Ellwood is correct.  For a detailed explanation:  as a domain admin, go to Settings | Domain Settings | Advanced Settings | Default User Settings.  On the User tab you can specify the Mailbox Size Limit (in MB).  Make any of default user setting changes and save. (this will be applied to all new users that are created). Next on the User Propagation on the Options tab, make sure All Users is selected.  Go to the User tab and check the Mailbox Size Limit checkbox.  Press Propagate Now and domain users should now have their limits set to your specification.
I hope this helps.

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