550 Authentication is required for relay
Problem reported by David Fisher - 7/22/2015 at 6:00 PM
  I am having an issue where my SmarterMail Inbound Server running 14.1 cannot send email from a local domain user to another local domain user, without receiving the error 550 Authentication is required for relay back from the main mailserver running SmarterMail v13.5
   If I setup smtp authentication bypass, than no spam filtering is done.
   Here is a better explanation :
ServerA - Incoming Mail Gateway SM v14.1 receives an email from user1@domain.com and to user1@domain.com (Both same addresses), smtp logs show received just fine, then it goes to the delivery logs where once it says MAIL FROM:user1@domain.com immediately it is kicked back with error "550 Authentication is required for relay"
   I have the incoming gateway server ip listed in whitelist (SMTP), bypass gateways.
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