Email with attchment stucked in OutBox and keep sending out emails to same receipients
Problem reported by Simon Boo - 7/21/2015 at 12:07 AM
Setting in SmarterMail server -> Max Message Size: 20000 KB
The attachment only 5 MB sending out to RECEIPIENTS  but stucked in OutBox and keep sending out the same email to the same recipients.
1) Isn't 5MB attachment is less then 20MB set. ?
2) Any where to set and prevent the email stucked and keep sending out same email to same recipients ?
Thanks for your help in advance.

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Hemen Shah Replied
What version and edition you are using ?
what is the outlook version ? and PST file size ?
Are you able to move the message from outbox to draft ?
When messages are sent, is it still remaining in outlook ? this looks more to do with outlook and PST file.
More the info you share, it will be better for members here to advise.
SpamHurts Replied
A quick note about file size. The data size of a email message doesn't just include your attachment, but also the content of the message, and perhaps, that picture of you on vacation in your signature :o)
Let's say that you are sending a file that is an image, and on your computer that file is 5MB. An image file can not send via smtp. It must be converted to something that can send via smtp. That converted file can be larger that the 5MB you started at with.
Second, what do your delivery logs say? Is SM creating a new message and a new message ID? Look at the logs. SM has a fantastic logging system, and at minimum you should have deliver, smtp, pop and imap logs set to detailed.
Finally, get to your spool right away, and clear these messages before you get multiple emails sent.
Now to the issue. I have come across a similar issue, and it is most likey your AV soft ware on the machine that is sending or a corruption of the PST file. You do not mention the program you are sending from, but I bet it is outlook 10, or 13, and my money is on 2013. Google will show articles on fixing a corrupted PST file, but ultimately, have a good backup, delete, and recreate. The attachment most likely has nothing to do with your issue.
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