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Question asked by Harland Adelaars - 7/19/2015 at 3:31 PM
How can we set the "Mailing List Max Message Size" through the API/Webservice ?

SetRequestedDomainSettings & UpdateDomain doesn't list something like MaxListsMessageSize. So what is the correct name for changing this value?
Harland Adelaars.

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SpamHurts Replied
If you are talking about the size of the message you send, even in your mailing list, that is set server wide. IF you are trying to increase it, I wouldn't bother. The recipient server is probably not configured to handle more that 20-25MB message. I believe google, had there message size set to 30MB but lowered it due to the server load..... So sending a message that is too big for anyone to receive is pointless. IT would be better to reduce your message file size. The setting is settings > default >domain default> the click the limits tab, and the you will see mailing list max message size.
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Employee Replied
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Harland, you can use the svcMailListAdmin web service.  There are two functions, GetRequestedListSettings and SetRequestedListSettings, with a setting called maxmessagesize.  Please note that the size is in KBs.
Bruce Barnes Replied
Remember, too, that when you attach a file, it is encrypted into the e-mail and, as part of the encryption process, the resulting file that is sent is between 25 and 40% larger than the actual e-mail and attachment.
Example:  If you have a 100k e-mail and 100k attachment, the logical thought would be that the total is 200k for the file size.

In reality, once it is encrypted into the e-mail message, to be sent to the remote MX server, the file is somewhere between 275 and 380k.
All of that has to be taken into account when setting limits.
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