Allow transfer of licenses to another party
Idea shared by Anthony Wilko - 7/15/2015 at 11:23 AM
I am a long time customer and a long time reseller of SmarterTools.  I called SmarterTools today and let them know due to the closure of my hosting operation I have some SmarterMail Unlimited licenses that are still under maintenance, along with ActiveSync and Antispam.  I asked if I could transfer those licenses through a sale to another party.  I was told it has been SmarterTools' policy not to allow transfer of keys to another account.  Therefore the licenses are now useless to anyone and will sit in my account expired until the end of time.
As I mentioned to the representative, this policy means that because the licenses will sit in my account unused, SmarterTools doesn't get any more money from them.  Whereas, if they allowed me to sell the licenses to another party, they would likely renew maintenance and therefore SmarterTools would continue receiving ongoing revenue from them.  Some money versus none at all.
Or perhaps it's so that everyone HAS to buy a new license, and so SmarterTools maximizes profit.  I don't know.
In any case, I am asking SmarterTools to reconsider the policy.  I think it would benefit them, and also help their customers who have invested heavily in their product recoup some costs to help with other things.

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