Is there an official status for the ClamAV problem in 14.x as of yet?
Question asked by Brian Ellwood - July 8, 2015 at 8:09 AM
Last version push from the change logs is from July 2nd.
I really want to get moved up to 14.x however before doing so I'd like to know this has been resolved.
I am NOT running ClamSUP on 13.x.
There are quite a few tickets about this and none seem to be confirmed "Resolved"
Could a staff member kindly comment on the status of this so myself and other members who are patiently waiting to upgrade are up to speed?
Thank you very much =) 

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Matt Petty Replied
Employee Post
ClamAV works as long as you have 64bit and 32bit c++ 2010 redistributable. Right now the installer only installs 32bit, next release there is a check that if it fails to start 64bit ClamAV for any reason it starts 32bit ClamAV. We will also be looking into adding a check into the installer to install the correct c++ 2010 redistributable. 
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