Is it possible to rename a user (mailbox)?
Question asked by Joe Burkhead - 7/1/2015 at 10:40 AM
Seems we often face the issue of an employee changing her name when getting married...common thing. However, it does not seem that I can change the user name (and email address) to the new name. I have to create an alias for that person or create a new account, which then loses all of the prior account's stored items. To complicate things, our users mostly are set to Active Directory authentication. I change their user account name in Active Directory, then the SmarterMail account loses its connection to AD.
Why not allow me to reset the user name?

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Andrea Free Replied
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Hey Joe,
Try out the steps here to Rename a User in SmarterMail. It's done on the backend but should still accomplish what you're looking for. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Joe Burkhead Replied
Thanks much, Andrea! I appreciate the timely response.
Jim Waterbury Replied
The only issue with this is that after renaming the account IMAP retrieval no longer works.
Bruce Barnes Replied
The IMAP convection doesn't take renaming a user's account into consideration, so there's no way to circumvent having to delete and re-create the account.

Microsoft's NEW Outlook 2016 EXCHANGE/IMAP convection will, allegedly, resolve the move of a user's account from one server to another, but will not resolve a change when an account is renamed.
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