External domain setting in multiple gateways scenario with Web Service user verification
Question asked by Webio - 6/30/2015 at 10:09 PM
since beta thread has been removed and there was some comments there about "External" domain setting I would like to return to this topic.
Bryon wrote:

Currently it would just use the hop counter to kill messages that get stuck in a loop.

We will add a check to make sure SmarterMail doesn't send to an IP that it is listening on in a future build.

For outgoing gateways, if set to send to the MX it will send out through the gateway. If you set it to send to a hostname it will send directly to that address instead of using the gateway.

For incoming gateways with user verification we will need to have the primary server return to the incoming gateway that the domain has a catch all alias so any user address will be accepted. That isn't in there at the moment, but should be in the next build.

— Bryon Grosz (5/29/2015 7:42 PM)

Has this function been added in "next build"? I would like to mark all of my domains as external so all emails even local must be sent to proper MX configuration and I'm not sure if current build can do that in my scenario.

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Webio Replied
Anyone from SmarterTools? Email sent to local domain set to External MX servers when using incoming and outgoing gateways generates "550 Authentication is required for relay".
  1. Account1 is sending email to Account2. Both are located on local server but as a security measure domains are set to External MX servers (where main SmarterMail instance is not present among MX servers because incoming gateways are used and they are only placed in DNS zone MX configuration).
  2. After email sending it is being relayed from main SmarterMail instance to outgoing gateway where it checks using webservice (accoring to incoming gateway configuration emails are being verified with main SmarterMail instance using webservice).
  3. Webservice check is returning error "550 Authentication is required for relay".
Any suggestions how problem in presented scenario can be resolved? IMHO domains set to "External MX" should have different handling when it comes to remote delivery from incoming gateways.
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Webio, I would advise that you open a support ticket to that our support technicians can access your configuration and to facilitate better discussion.

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