E-mail Forwarding stop working
Problem reported by Bruno Carlos - 6/24/2015 at 10:08 AM
We have a problem with some mailboxes on Smartermail when an e-mail account have multiple addresses setup on Forwarding Address, initially everything works fine but after some time the forward stop and only works after remove all the address from the Forwarding Address field and setup again.
There are any limit for the number of e-mails to forward, in this case we are using 10, or any known bug for this behavior? 
Rui Silva

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Scarab Replied
I seem to recall that there is a character limit (@150 characters) on the Forwarding Address field even though the form will allow you to put in more than that. Depending on the length of the email addresses you want to forward to you could get 3 (maybe even 5) email addresses before it gets functionally truncated. For Forwarders that need to go to > 3 recipients we have always setup an Alias instead of an Account to get around this. Aliases allow you to set as many addresses (one per line) as you want.

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