Share an entire mailbox, not just one folder at time.
Idea shared by Donavon McKigney - 6/23/2015 at 10:54 AM
I would like it if we could give access to another users entire mailbox.  I no that we can do it one folder at a time, but sometimes that isn't good enough.

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If you want to share an entire email account why not enable IMAP Retrieval for that domain and allow the other users to use IMAP Retrieval to sync with the shared account? If IMAP Retrieval is enabled for the domain then the user would go into their SETTINGS > MESSAGE RETRIEVAL in their web-based mail and enter the information required. They then would get all folders on that "shared" account as either root-level folders or sub-folders (depending upon their chosen preference).
The problem with Message Retrieval is that if I create a folder or move messages to or from the mailbox I'm retrieving, it doesn't update the original mailbox with those changes.  If there is a way to do that as well, then it may work. 
We are looking to have multiple users accessing a specific mailbox, so new folders and mail moves need to be reflected for all users, not just individuals.
Donavon, are you trying to create 'public folders' like what Exchange and other mail systems have? If so, I agree that would be a nice feature. --Kevin

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