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Idea shared by Scarab - June 22, 2015 at 12:30 PM
Thank you so very much for adding Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive integration with Smartermail. I am so grateful that I feel like I am the mouse that got a cookie by proposing that you add OwnCloud integration as well. A lot of Hosting Providers and ISPs run OwnCloud servers and offer accounts to their customers. There is an API for OwnCloud at http://api.owncloud.org/namespaces/OCP.html and shouldn't be much different than integrating the three big Cloud Storage Providers other than requiring a user-defined OwnCloud Server Address field.

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Matt Petty Replied
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Just curious is OwnCloud something that is run yourself as a piece of software or is it a service like the others? I could see adding it just looking for more information.
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Taking this a step further, how about building / enhancing the drive functionality of SmarterMail so it has built-in capabilities similar to OwnCloud?
Then SM would be integrated like Gmail is with Google Drive. In 2015, email is more than just Inbox, Contacts, & Calendar. It needs additional features to compete with Google Apps for Work and Office365.
Just my .02 as an ISP that offers Shared/Reseller hosting, 99% of the OwnCloud installs we see on our systems are used for abuse and distribution of malicious or illegal assets
Not that it should sway you from considering integration, but as Smartermail is an enterprise product, I'd rather see more enterprise level integrations (Rushfiles comes to mind) first.
Matt, Owncloud is a really powerful self hosted cloud storage option. 
Some features :
1) Scalable. fire up an owncloud server, add in a few extra hard drives and expand your capacity.
2) Sync what you want. you can syncronize a folder, a few directories, or an entire server.
3) Full Replication (real time ?). You can have 2 or 5 or 10 owncloud servers running anywhere on the internet, and have all of the data fully replicated across those servers. 
One of the setups we are looking at :
Client A has 2 locations. each has a fully replicated owncloud server. If one of the sites burns to the ground, the data is fully backed up at all times.  We have clients with 2, 3 and 4 locations.
We have 3 tech locations. each location has an owncloud and replicated. In addition, we replicate client A to our servers as well. so Cleint A data actually has 4 real time "backup" sites. Theirs, plus our 3.
Another complimentary product is
FreeNas boots and runs from a USB stick. Uses all available hard drives for storage.
Owncloud will run on FreeNas.

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I second this feature request. Would be great to be able to store data on an OwnCloud/NextCloud storage system. It provides integration points for other storage mediums already, so integration with it probably wouldn't be too difficult. 
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