How can I directly start a ticket by clicking on the main "Tickets" button?
Question asked by Mio - June 22, 2015 at 12:17 AM
We do not use user registration, anybody can create a ticket.
This creates two problems:
a) The double click (first "Tickets" then "Start Ticket") is unnecessary, and
b) the text "Please log in to view all tickets associated with your account." is incorrect.

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Hello Mio,
This is currently not possible. You do have a good point though and changes have been made for the next version.
When the next version is released, and you have updated. To send them directly to Create Ticket, you will need to have  Settings ->Brands->YourBrand->PortalOptions tab -> "Display option to send ticket list by email in portal" and "Enable login form" unchecked. 

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