SmarterMail Upgrade from 12.3 to 14.x
Question asked by Robin Haskell - 6/21/2015 at 5:55 PM
I am prepping an upgrade from 12.3 to 14.x WIll my SSL Cert be affected after the upgrade or will it simply continue to work... It will not expire for another 6 months....

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Bruce Barnes Replied
Everything should continue to work normally after the upgrade.
Just make certain you:
  • uninstall the current version- noting your PROGRAM PATH, if it is not the default install path,
  • REBOOT your server, to unlock any locked files
  • BACKUP everything that's in the SMARTERMAIL and PROGRAM FILES(x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterMail directories
    • ​I've never had an issue with an upgrade, but we want to make certain we protect your data
    • note the data may be in a different location
  • Make certain you have installed .NET 4.5, and ALL of the patches, both elective and automatic.  
    • If you have not installed .NET 4.5 previously, it will require at least one SERVICE PACK, and, potentially, additional patches.  
    • Installing and upgrading .NET 4.5 will require at least one, if not more, reboots to complete the install of the .NET 4.5 upgrades
  • after all patches are installed, use the SmarterMail EXE installer, available via this link, to install the latest version of SmarterMail 14.0.5647
  • If the 64 bit version of Visual 2010 C++ redistributable does not install automatically, or you do not have it installed, you will also need to install that - along with the patches and service packs
  • download and install the language packs (optional).
  • DISABLE the built-in SmarterMail webserver - it is not intended for production use.
Be aware that re-indexing and other modifications required by the upgrade of SmarterMail 14.0.5647 may cause SmarterMail to be a little slower than normal in the wet interface, but should not affect e-mail traffic in any way.
There are many new features available in SmarterMail 14.X, so make certain you read the release notes so you can take advantage of them.  Some of the enhancements require the ENTERPRISE edition of the SmarterMail product.
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