On Reboots, All restored email accounts & domains disappear.
Problem reported by Shivam Parikh - 6/19/2015 at 10:51 AM
On Reboots, All restored email accounts & domains disappear. Only the manually newly created account stay around.

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Joe Wolf Replied
I'm not clear on what you mean, but if you tried to restore a user account or domain make sure the SmarterMail service is stopped first. If the files are actually on the server after reboot SM 13+ has a Restore feature in the Admin console.
Shivam Parikh Replied
Okay, so what I did is I restored the users after creating their domains. Everything works as intendended until I reboot the server, restart Smartermail or upgrade/update it with an update. The moment I do that all those domains and users vanish from SmarterMail. I need to restore / re-attach each user all over again.

Note - that this is only for the case of previously restored / attached users.

If I create a manual new account / domain and user that was never there earlier in SmarterMail (no restorations of any kind), then on restart they exist properly.

Only previously restored domains and users need to be re-attached each and every time after a Smartermail Service restart.

Bruce Barnes Replied
Shivam Parikh:  Your problem sounds like a file permissions issue.
How are you archiving the e-mail: on the same network, on a remote site, or on an external drive or device?
Moving files to another device or network frequently changes the file permissions and you may be running into a situation where the restored file does not have the same permissions.
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