Are IDS Blocks fixed in 14.x?
Question asked by SmarterUser - 6/18/2015 at 12:36 PM
I'm still on v13, where the IDS blocks get lost every time the server restarts, even when there are many hours still remaining on the block duration.  The blocks need to persist as long time remains.  If this still doesn't work correctly on v14, can we can acknowledgement that it will be corrected in the next minor?

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Employee Replied
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Unfortunately, this feature has not been implemented yet in SM 14.  It has been discussed by the dev. team and remains as a candidate for implementation.  I cannot specify the time at which this (or any feature request) will be included in a major/minor release.
SmarterUser Replied
This is NOT a "feature" request.  It's a bug, plain and simple.  You let me specify how long I want the block to last, but you cannot honor that duration.  How would that make this a feature request?

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