Consumer Response to a closed ticket causes the ticket to automatically assigned
Problem reported by jeremy aurich - 6/17/2015 at 2:25 PM
I believe this is new behavior in latest update,Version 11.0.5640.26313 as I am sure it did not work this way prior.
After you repond and close a ticket, if the consumer replies the ticket reopens, and now it is assigned to the agent who closed it. I can see this as a viable option, but it should be optional.

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Robert Emmett Replied
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SmarterTrack has always worked where if the ticket status changes to open that it goes to an available agent.  If the last assigned agent is available it will go to that agent.
I have not tested the following myself, but you may be able to create an event on ticket status change.  If the new status is reopen then perform your desired actions.
If you do not want a ticket auto-reopened after it has been closed, the agent can mark it as "Closed and Locked".  If the client then replies to a "closed and locked" ticket, they will get message saying they can't reply.  An agent can always manually re-open the ticket, if necessary.
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jeremy aurich Replied
Let me clarify here. All my groups are set up to "cherry pick" therefore no ticket assignment is automatic. When a ticket is replied to and closed, I do expect the ticket to re-open when a customer responds. I was commenting that the ticket should stay in the queue and follow the distribution method. Just because a consumer is responding doesn't mean only the originating agent can assist. This seems like a setting that should be optional.
Bruce Barnes Replied
If you do not want a customer to be able to reopen a ticket, use the close and lock function.

There is no reason to redesign that part of the program.
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jeremy aurich Replied
Third time is a charm. I am not saying I don't want the customer to be able to re-open. I am saying that I don't always want a re-opened ticket automatically assigned to the agent who closed it, and would rather the ticket go into the queue.
Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Jeremy! 
The way Cherry Picking was designed is really meant for only the initial ticket submission. That's why when your agents take a ticket, the ticket remains assigned to them and any customer responses go to the agent, not the queue. However, by making your agents unavailable to receive tickets in the group you can achieve what you're looking for. 
I'll assume you have the Manager or Administrator role, so you should be able to do this, but if not, I'll give you another way of accomplishing this. You can use the Dashboards button in the top right corner of the Management Interface to change your agent's group availability. Click on Dashboards and choose User. Double click on an agent to open their Active Groups window. Make sure the Tickets column is unchecked for any group that should have tickets routed to the queue. Keep in mind, this will need to be done for any agent in the group that should not be automatically assigned ticket responses. 
Let me know if this achieves what you're asking for.

Andrea Rogers
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jeremy aurich Replied
Then why do you also have the "Pin Ticket"?

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