Webmail Interface to allow for removal / replacemet / changes of buttons/features
Idea shared by Merle Wait - 6/17/2015 at 12:42 PM
Per your request.. here is my request for the webmail client interface.
BUT - before I request - let me explain the "why"  first.   In this day/time  - I have to fine some way to make my product offering more unique then say a "google" or Outlook360.   Both of those are a direct competitor to what we are doing here.  Obviously, if we go out of business.. you go out of business.
One way to do that, is allow "us" the ability to put "other" features or functions in that can help us retain or get new customers.   For me specifically, the "email server" vision - is part of a bigger CRM vision.
So - then for my request... I would like to have an easier time to embed or link off to my own pages to provide a more seamless experience between my clients email ( so that would be SM)  and our CRM products.
Our specific clients - could care less about "the reports" or RSS feeds.  If I could replace those buttons / and links with my own - it would be great.
You said put recommendations in each separate thread - so I 'll put my other recommendation in another thread.
It would cost you zero dollars - and also help us. (that would be some great real world examples of CCS templates that can change the look and feel of the current website.)

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