Change password at first logon and change password for AD users
Question asked by Yusif Quliyev - 6/16/2015 at 9:50 PM
Hi, how enable password change for user at first login?
And is there any availability to change password for AD users?

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Steve Reid Replied
You cannot change the password for an AD account. That must be change through normal conventions.
Employee Replied
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Yusif, Steve is correct in that you cannot change a password for a AD account.  When a domain admin adds a new user, the domain admin can give the user a password that does NOT comply with the password requirements.  Then, on first login, the new user would be required to change their password.
I have added to our features request list a system and/or domain option to require a user to change their password on next login.
Yusif Quliyev Replied

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